Listen To The Winds Of Freedom

Way back when i began this singer/songwriter thing i wanted to do it all Woody Guthrie style, to travel about the place with my acoustic guitar and harmonica singing songs about what matters to me – the dream was ultimate freedom!

“you can live a life of regret or take a step and live on the freedom of the wind”

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Sing Songs Of Love

I’ve just put out a post about my cover of In The Misty Moonlight and in doing so i realized that i didn’t do a post for Songs Of Love which i casually released a week or so ago.

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Singing Under The Misty Moonlight

A month or so ago i recorded a cover of the song In The Misty Moonlight and last night i decided to upload it to my SoundCloud page as a free download.

It’s a song that was written by Cindy Walker and made famous by Dean Martin, my favourite version however is by Jerry Wallace, which i found purely by chance when looking for some more Eddie Cochran songs back in the days of LimeWire where people would incorrectly tag songs – i have naturally brought the song on CD and vinyl since.

Any how here is my version of In The Misty Moonlight.

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Go Vegan! EP on CD

My Go Vegan! EP is now available on CD, i can tell you’re excited!

This is my second CD of vegan themed songs following on from Vegan #7 album which was digitally released in 2015 and had a physical release in 2016.


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Vegan Pirates!

It’s time for some jaunty music that combines my love of all things pirate-y with my passion for veganism. I thought when i released Go Vegan This Christmas i had exhausted all the different ways to write about veganism in my music, how wrong i was!

Artwork 1.1

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Turn Up The Love!

Happy New Year to you all! 2018 is only a few weeks old but there is no point hanging about, when new music is ready it must be released, why wait?


I went for simple with this singles artwork

This double single Turn Up The Love features a Part I and a Part II as both songs share a similar lyric. I always thought it a tad pretentious (or just silly) when artists released a song in parts but yet here i am doing it – ah well.

The songs are far from similar musically but their themes (do songs really have themes?) are identical, mostly because i was unable to think anything else. Turn Up The Love is a phrase saying i felt suited my attitude to the world, there needs to be more love, so let’s turn it up!

See what you think of the songs in the SoundCloud link below and read on if you’re keen to know anything more about the tracks.

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Go Vegan This Christmas

It’s World Vegan Day and December is only a month away, so naturally it’s the ideal time to release a vegan themed Christmas song.

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