Go Vegan! EP – Out Now!

As the title heavily suggests i have a NEW EP out!!! It’s called Go Vegan! (you may have worked that out) and it has 4 songs.

You can listen to it and even buy it, if you so wish to that is from my bandcamp pagerossmayhew.bandcamp.com

Artwork - Go Vegan! EP (2017)

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I Believe In Alpha Tide

I believe i’ve been friends with the band Alpha Tide for a few years now, we performed at the same open mic night of a few occasions and in 2016 i asked them to see if they’d be interested in covering my song I Believe and they said yes.

Fast forward to February 2017 and they shared their version, and now i am sharing it with you. Personally i love it! Check it out below on their YouTube channel.

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Under The Falling Sky – Single

This post is a bit late but “better late than never” they say.

On February the 1st i released the song Under The Falling Sky on Bandcamp and SoundCloud, yet i somehow forgot to blog about it – very unlike me!

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The Vegan Generation – Video Now Online!

After months of asking, well pestering my friends, followers and fans on social media i am proud to say my video for my single We’re The Ones is now on YouTube for your (hopeful) viewing pleasure.

For those that weren’t aware of this project i was collecting “vegan selfies” to show the growing number of vegans in the world. The only requirement was that the selfie had a vegan message.

I am tremendously grateful to everyone who sent in a picture for the video. You can watch the video below.

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Remembering Riga

Back in August 2016 i had the pleasure of visiting Latvia, this blog post is about that journey and the song it inspired.

The main reason for the adventure was to attend my older brothers wedding. It was my first trip abroad and during my stay of 4 days i met many kind and welcoming people, this song focuses on one of those people in particular.

The song is called Take Me Back To Riga.


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Pretty Raindrop Falling

Time for another blog post about a song i’ve written but the difference being that this time the song is sung entirely by Amy Walklett.


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A Song For The New Year

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a fine Christmas and are looking forward to what 2017 has in store for you and your dreams.

To celebrate the opening of new calendars i’ve decided to properly “release” a song that’s been on SoundCloud since Octobers end. It’s called I Won’t Back Down.

No, it’s not a Tom Petty cover, although his song of the same name is pretty darn good.

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