Vegan Pirates!

It’s time for some jaunty music that combines my love of all things pirate-y with my passion for veganism. I thought when i released Go Vegan This Christmas i had exhausted all the different ways to write about veganism in my music, how wrong i was!

Artwork 1.1

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Turn Up The Love!

Happy New Year to you all! 2018 is only a few weeks old but there is no point hanging about, when new music is ready it must be released, why wait?


I went for simple with this singles artwork

This double single Turn Up The Love features a Part I and a Part II as both songs share a similar lyric. I always thought it a tad pretentious (or just silly) when artists released a song in parts but yet here i am doing it – ah well.

The songs are far from similar musically but their themes (do songs really have themes?) are identical, mostly because i was unable to think anything else. Turn Up The Love is a phrase saying i felt suited my attitude to the world, there needs to be more love, so let’s turn it up!

See what you think of the songs in the SoundCloud link below and read on if you’re keen to know anything more about the tracks.

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Go Vegan This Christmas

It’s World Vegan Day and December is only a month away, so naturally it’s the ideal time to release a vegan themed Christmas song.

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We Are Here For You (Bodmin Vigil)

Yesterday i spent my morning in Bodmin alongside two friends and fellow vegan activists bearing witness to cows being taken to slaughter.

I decided to put footage recorded from that vigil to my song We Are Here For You that was part of my Go Vegan! EP released in July.

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Richard Forsyths’ Return To YouTube!

The Tale Of Richard Forsyth is a song i first released back in 2013. Over the years i’ve added bits to the song and in March this year i finally released the final mix via Bandcamp.

Well now the song returns to YouTube, and of course is told through the medium of Lego!

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Go Vegan! Music Video

If you follow me on social media you may have already noticed that i have a new music video on my YouTube channel, it’s the title track from my Go Vegan! EP that was released in July.

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There Are Times – Single

Another day, another song.

Following the releases of I Believe (Single Mix) and the Go Vegan! EP comes There Are Times, another duet with the splendid Amy Walklett.

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