Recent Singles – A Delayed Updated

It’s been some months since i last posted here, mostly because i simply forgot.

I have been in the studio a handful of times since my last post and have released some new material in that time, the songs It’s Your Fault, What Do You Say? and Saved By An Angel so this update is about those songs.


It’s Your Fault
A very simple punk rock song about people refusing to change their ways to make better choices once educated on various issues. I do point out in the middle 8 that i myself am not perfect, so it’s not a song solely to slam others but people need to hear what their choices are doing to animals, people and the planet.

Each verse speaks about a certain issue, going from climate change, to animal and human rights issues. The song was written on a 20 minute walk to my local Sainsbury’s, the tune and words came before i’d got the store entrance – i worked the chords out when i got back from my shopping trip.

What Do You Say?
In life we all often get caught up in life as it’s presented to us, should we be married, have kids, have a career, etc by a certain age and so on. The reality is we deride happiness from different things, so this song is about breaking out of expectations and living a life that pleases you.

Certainly at the time of writing it i was disillusioned with aspects of my own life, so to nobody in particular i’m asking “what do you say, is it okay to take the risk, to break out of this” and do what makes me happy – the answer is of course yes.

We should all do what makes us happy as long as we aren’t causing harm while we do it.

Saved By An Angel
Written and recorded during the sessions for the album Here I Am (released in February), it was kept off because the album was already 11 songs and it just didn’t seem to fit.

It’s got some good lyrics in it, even if i do say so myself and the song is about the support of friendship and the joy of love.

doubt is easy to let in, but it’s hard to let back out
we all fear love because losing it hurts so much
the future is unwritten but that is always the case
if you are in my tomorrow, i know i’m in the right place

Like with the majority of my songs there aren’t about anyone specifically, perhaps that’s because i tend to sing about what i want but don’t yet have, but i am believer that life will grant me all i desire if i follow my instinct and heart – manifestation and all that.

Anyway, that is a tiny bit of information about 3 songs i’ve released since my last update on here.  Naturally my Bandcamp page has the vast majority of my stuff old and new, so always keep an eye on that.

Peace out,

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