Listen To The Winds Of Freedom

Way back when i began this singer/songwriter thing i wanted to do it all Woody Guthrie style, to travel about the place with my acoustic guitar and harmonica singing songs about what matters to me – the dream was ultimate freedom!

“you can live a life of regret or take a step and live on the freedom of the wind”

This song was written around the time i started my recording career, i can’t remember when exactly but most likely early 2012. In fact Winds Of Freedom was recorded at my very first session at Sound Gallery Studios back in July 2012. If memory serves me right i actually booked the session there partly because of my love for the song. In those days i would recorded about 10 to 20 songs a day, one take only if i didn’t stumble on a lyric, etc.

As i’ve progressed a little through the years with my vocal i have revisited a few songs and felt it was time Winds Of Freedom had a revisit – essentially i’ve run out of ideas for new material but can’t stay away from the studio.

Rerecording this song and recently releasing my Vegan #7 album on iTunes, Spotify and all the other places has re-awoken the early ambitions i held of being a wandering singer/songwriter type. There is a certain charm to someone singing a song for themselves with just an acoustic guitar for company.


I’m not sure if this song is in 6/8 or 3/4 timing but it’s got a bit of a waltz-y feel to it either way. The recording has been kept bare bones as it’s a song where the lyrics take priority over the music. We did make a version with drums, piano, bass and such but we then stripped it back to just acoustic, vocal and harmonica, maybe that other version will surface some day?

The lyrics cover various things such as war, religion, the power of money and thoughts, etc.

For me life is all about living as best we can in the moment we are in. It might not always be an easy thing to do but if we can focus largely on the now and try to avoid getting to attached to anything material we’ll hopefully find ourselves in a much better place body and soul.

I’d like to get a video online for this song in the near future but we shall see if that happens or not. I have video ideas for a few songs but it’s just finding time to make them happen.

Keep your mind free!

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