Go Vegan! EP on CD

My Go Vegan! EP is now available on CD, i can tell you’re excited!

This is my second CD of vegan themed songs following on from Vegan #7 album which was digitally released in 2015 and had a physical release in 2016.


Since the release of Vegan #7 on CD in 2016 i have gone down the path of digital releases, uploading songs once i deem them good to go but there is something a little more satisfying about being able to hold an actual copy of an album. This is only a limited run of 50 so be sure to get in touch if you’d like a copy.

In order to pad this post out i will now go through the songs one by one.

The EP
Go Vegan!
A punk-rock opening to the CD, a rant that hopes to encourage people to go vegan for the animals. It’s the only time i’ve played a guitar solo in the studio and i excel myself in playing a whole 2 notes. It’s also the only song on the CD that features an electric guitar, best to start things off loudly.

The image used for the CD is a still from the video for Go Vegan! which is just below.

I Love All The Animals
Far removed from the opening track this song is my attempt at a vegan children’s song. It’s essentially a list of animals set to a jolly tune but it progresses nicely and is fun to play. Maybe i’ll get to feature in the Vegan Kid’s Magazine one day if it proves a hit.

Given this EP first came out digitally last year this is another song which already has a music video and you can see my artistic talents on display as i attempt to draw all the animals mentioned in the song.

We Are Here For You
A song about attending slaughterhouse vigils and bearing witness to the animals as they are taken in. Musically it’s short and somber as you might expect.

Slaughterhouse vigils can cause mixed opinions, in terms of going up to trucks and potentially adding to the distress of the animals but i think if handled right they are a necessary part of modern animal rights activism.

If an animal is nervous or upset by an activists presence we should of course back away, and also only allow a few at a time to approach trucks. Footage is important and powerful as it helps shine a light on the cruel reality so present in this world.

Again this is another song with a video. All the footage was taken during a vigil in Bodmin during 2017.

Why Won’t The World Go Vegan?
This song is i suppose a bit of a lament, if that’s the right word? As a vegan it’s so frustrating when meat eaters can’t see, or just don’t care about the abuse vegans see on a daily basis. One line in song is “when did it become a crime to be on the compassionate side?”, this came about because of the negative view vegans get, we can receive a lot of abuse, and why? because we want a fair and equal world – how selfish of us.

I wrote the song sat on my bed one evening when i was feeling a little burnt out from activism and the constant fight against animal abuse. Of course this came to pass and i’m as passionate as i always have been in fighting for the animals but we all have our down days but one great thing about the vegan community is that it’s full of supportive and caring people who help each other in these times.

CD Bonus Tracks
As the EP is only 4 songs i thought it best to add some extras to the CD release.

We’re The Ones
Released on World Vegan Day in 2016 it’s a 1950s inspired rock and roll number celebrating the vegan generation. I’ve been vegan since April 2011 but in just the last few years veganism has risen an incredible amount. Social media is helping to wake the world up and as a result more and more are standing up against animal abuse and choosing to live a kinder life and it’s only right those people are celebrated and encouraged.

(We’re) Singing For Freedom
Released the same day as We’re The Ones this song features singer Amy Walklett whom i’ve worked with on many of my songs and there is also a backing chorus of vegan vocalists, a few friends of mine who lent me their talents. A special mention goes to Tom Loasby who played drums and proved you don’t need meat to keep a beat.

It is i suppose my attempt at a Give Peace A Chance song/chant for people to sing and shout at protests and marches. It hasn’t quite caught on but that’s mainly due to it not being heard by more than 20 or so people.

Vegan Pirates
I’ve always loved pirates from playing Lego, the Monkey Island game series and of course watching the Pirates Of The Caribbean films so i suppose it’s only natural that i’d combine my love of all things pirate-y with my passion for animal rights.

The song was recorded and mixed all in one day, the 7th of February for those who are interested. Duncan Chave who i work with at Sound Gallery of course adds many lovely touches to all my songs and this is no exception, it’s a jaunty pirate song for sure!

Go Vegan This Christmas
I did debate whether or not to put this song on the CD, after all Christmas only comes once a year but then realized that John Lennon best of collections always include his song Happy Xmas (War Is Over) so i thought “sod it, it’s going on the CD”.

It’s very bouncy as you’d expect a festive song to be. I remember coming up with opening chords when playing the piano as i sought to waste time before heading out. Luckily the tune stuck in my head and the words all came pretty quick.

I have joked with Duncan about just what vegan song i’ll do next but maybe for now i’ll leave it be and focus on performing these songs live and spreading the message. We vegans force our views after all, so why not by music.


The Artwork and CD side by side

The photo used for the artwork was taken in my back garden by my brother who’s work you can see on his Facebook page Mayhew06 Photography. I am left-handed but yet decided to write on my left hand with my right, so i am surprised the words Go Vegan are legible.

I’ve been a bit slack in doing this but versions of both the Vegan #7 album and Go Vegan! EP will be released on Spotify on Monday the 5th of March. So if you don’t want a CD you can find them their or on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Deezer.

There is a temptation to create a collection of my singles released in 2016 and 2017 but we’ll see how this CD does first.

Thank you for reading, remember if you’d like a CD you can comment here on this blog post, contact me via my website or just bother me via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Until next time.


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