Singing Under The Misty Moonlight

A month or so ago i recorded a cover of the song In The Misty Moonlight and last night i decided to upload it to my SoundCloud page as a free download.

It’s a song that was written by Cindy Walker and made famous by Dean Martin, my favourite version however is by Jerry Wallace, which i found purely by chance when looking for some more Eddie Cochran songs back in the days of LimeWire where people would incorrectly tag songs – i have naturally brought the song on CD and vinyl since.

Any how here is my version of In The Misty Moonlight.

The middle 8 is spoken rather than sung, that was a new experience for me. I can cope hearing myself sing (no matter how badly) but hearing myself talk is an excruciating experience but i still went ahead with this cover as there is something about the song that charms me.

In The Misty Moonlight 2

I’ve got 2 or 3 more songs to sort out with artwork and possible videos, they could be released tomorrow or in a months time, it just depends on how free i am and what i can arrange.

Until next time.

About Ross Mayhew :: Vegan Musician

Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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