Richard Forsyths’ Return To YouTube!

The Tale Of Richard Forsyth is a song i first released back in 2013. Over the years i’ve added bits to the song and in March this year i finally released the final mix via Bandcamp.

Well now the song returns to YouTube, and of course is told through the medium of Lego!

The song is one of love, loss and revenge, a typical pirate story i guess. I grew up playing with pirate Lego, playing the Monkey Island games on PC and of course am a fan of the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise (although at the time of writing this i’ve not seen the 5th film).

I remember writing the majority of this song while staying in a cottage in St. Ives in 2013, i believe it was just after that holiday i recorded the live acoustic demo at Sound Gallery and in January 2014 i began the version which the latest release is built on.

I’ve long been tempted to write a sequel, or perhaps even a prequel to the song. It would be fun exploring some of the other characters, perhaps Captain Firebeard’s origins, or maybe his return?

Time will tell if inspiration will strike for those potential tales.

Until the next time!


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