There Are Times – Single

Another day, another song.

Following the releases of I Believe (Single Mix) and the Go Vegan! EP comes There Are Times, another duet with the splendid Amy Walklett.

There Are Times was demoed sometime in spring (or maybe summer) 2016 and soon forgotten about as work centred on other songs but was rediscovered in April 2017 and finally finished off in July 2017.

I’d forgotten how much i liked the song for both it’s message and it’s music. Amy’s vocals really help to make the song too, without them i doubt i’d even of considered sharing this song. The lyrics are fairly simple but it’s a song of encouragement, about finding inner strength to get through tougher times.

We all have bad days, happiness wouldn’t feel so good if we had it all the time. It’s important to embrace the special moments and hold on through the bad ones, because it’s worth it when we come through the other side of a bad patch.

it’s alright, it will be alright, you’re doing fine, it will be alright

In most cases my songs are messages to myself, although i don’t always realise that at the time of writing them. I believe we must all take the time to look after ourselves and see the good in each day, however we are only human and bad days can be just as important as the good ones in shaping who we are, just be sure to keep on being you i guess.

Anyway i think that is it for now in terms of songs to be released, as usual i am always writing but have nothing planned in terms of recording time or even an albums worth of songs ready.

Thank you for reading, peace out!

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Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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