Back On Stage After 248 Days

It had been a little while since i stood in front of an audience and sang a song or two but last night i finally made a return to the stage.

Along with a fellow Devon Animal Save member and two new friends we went along to The Ship Inn, Exeter, a pub i’d only frequented once before prior to a Donovan concert in 2015. Due to trains i had to leave earlier than i would have liked but i heard some great singing and some funny poetry too.

It was in many ways an ideal way to ease back in to performing, a small crowd and chilled out atmposphere. I sang 4 songs, the first one was a bit all over the place (maybe i should of practiced?) but the other 3 went well, and naturally i sang two vegan songs. I don’t consider myself a natural performer but i know after a few more open mics i’ll enjoy it a lot more.

1. There Goes The Sunrise
2. No Guru Needed
3. We’re The Ones
4. Talkin’ Vegan Blues

It’s good to back playing live and South Devon better be ready for the preachy vegan coming their way!

About Ross Mayhew :: Vegan Musician

Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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