Go Vegan! EP – Out Now!

As the title heavily suggests i have a NEW EP out!!! It’s called Go Vegan! (you may have worked that out) and it has 4 songs.

You can listen to it and even buy it, if you so wish to that is from my bandcamp pagerossmayhew.bandcamp.com

Artwork - Go Vegan! EP (2017)

The first track which has the same title as the EP itself Go Vegan! and it is a punk rock 2 chord number that features a guitar solo (rare for me) and it’s pretty insistent on it’s message. Next up is a childrens song that you have seen a video for on my YouTube channel called I Love All The Animals, it’s essentially a list of animals set to a jolly tune – check out the video below to see my amazing artistic talents!

Following that jolly song are two shorter and slightly more sombre songs, the first We Are Here For You is about bearing witness at slaughterhouse vigils, the pain involved in knowing the animals fate but being there for them. Vigils are something i’ve been doing regularly with my local Save group Devon Animal Save and despite it being an upsetting thing to do i encourage all vegans to at least try to attend one if you can.

Last on the EP is Why Won’t The World Go Vegan? A little bit of a rant to myself about those in the world who seem to oppose veganism so much and how battling the world can be draining – not that i’ll ever give up fighting for our animal friends!

If you’d like to hear more of my vegan music there are the singles We’re The Ones, (We’re) Singing For Freedom and The Vegan Bop along with the live acoustic album Vegan #7.

I should probably point out that just 2 days ago i released a remix of my song I Believe which while not specifically a vegan song it does have a positive message of love and kindness, as a lot of my songs do, being the vegan hippy that i am.

Until next time,
Peace out!

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Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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