Under The Falling Sky – Single

This post is a bit late but “better late than never” they say.

On February the 1st i released the song Under The Falling Sky on Bandcamp and SoundCloud, yet i somehow forgot to blog about it – very unlike me!

The song just reaches over the 10 minute mark and is one of a pondering nature. I am proud of the lyrics in this track, they speak of acceptance, growth and thoughtfulness.

“i have dreamt a thousand dreams over a thousand nights, some came through the darkness while others died with the light”

The song begins with a flute introduction, which i actually wrote the part for, usually i rely on Duncan Chave to write a solos, etc. Amy Walklett of course features, she sings the chorus giving the song that something extra. The song came about while listening to Bob Dylan’s Modern Times album, a favourite of mine.

I’m not sure if the song will feature on my next album or not, to me it has the feeling of a closing track to an album but nothing is confirmed when it comes to my next album.


About Ross Mayhew :: Vegan Musician

Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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