I Believe In Alpha Tide

I believe i’ve been friends with the band Alpha Tide for a few years now, we performed at the same open mic night of a few occasions and in 2016 i asked them to see if they’d be interested in covering my song I Believe and they said yes.

Fast forward to February 2017 and they shared their version, and now i am sharing it with you. Personally i love it! Check it out below on their YouTube channel.

While it’s a straight cover in terms of structure to me it also sounds very different in terms of the production, they give the song a fresh feel. I hope this cover does well and if it helps people reach my music then i will be even more grateful for them taking the time to cover it.

In the past i’ve released several versions of the song and i’ll list them below for you to check out should you wish. I consider version 3 to be the definitive version.

  1. I Believe, Sogni d’amore version (1st recording, on piano with Sarah Proctor)
  2. I Believe, Walkin’ To Heaven Album (2nd recording, solo acoustic)
  3. I Believe, Sky In My Pocket AlbumI Believe, Sky In My Pocket Album (3rd recording, with Amy Walklett)
  4. I Believe, Sky In My Pocket Bonus Track (4th recording, on piano with Amy Walkett)
  5. I Believe [Dance Mix #2], Single (5th recording, with Amy Walklett)

Version 1: This recording is in a different key to the others, when planning an acoustic version i found it easier to sing with the capo moved from the 1st fret to the 6th, a bit of a shift.

Version 2: This version came about at a time when i consider i was on the turn with my vocals and the whole album Walkin’ To Heaven to me marks a point in my career where i finally became confident singing.

Version 3: As stated above is the version i consider to be the definitive version, it just feels full and complete and Amy Walklett gives the chorus such a boost, the song flies when the chorus kicks in!

Version 4: Similar to the first version, although in a different key and generally better produced i feel. It’s currently only available as a bonus track when Sky In My Pocket is brought on Bandcamp.

Version 5: A bit of fun this version, we played with effects and just enjoyed ourselves in the studio creating it. The remix is justified simply for the solo/outro played by Duncan Chave, he’s great to work with.

Anyway that’s enough about believe for now, whatever version you listen to i just hope you enjoy the track and absorb it’s message of believing in all things positive!

Peace out!

About Ross Mayhew :: Vegan Musician

Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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