International Peace Day 2016

The 21st of September is International Peace Day and this celebrated many ways across the world, i’m sure if you check the hashtags #peaceday and #peaceday2016 you’ll see lots of messages for peace on social media.

I spent the day in the same way as last year, taking park in the Penzance Peace Festival held at Penlee Park in Penzance. It’s put together by Peter M Le Mare and his close friends as a way of showing support for the international day of peace.

I travelled down from Devon around the 10am mark and spent some time enjoying Penzance, it’s a town a seldom visit but it holds many great views and cornish wanders. I’ve been planning (well dreaming) to sail from it’s coast and visit the Isle of Scilly when time and my finances allow.

Today i made do by simply stopping to enjoy the view, Michael’s Mount is always a treat to see.


I arrived at Penlee Park bright an early as i have a habit of being places at least 30 minutes before i am needed, it’s not a bad habit to have by any means.

To my surprise i opened the festival this year and got to sing 5 songs, naturally i picked those that suited the occasion, of course my song Peace By Peace was one of these.

I feel it’s important to write songs with a message of love and compassion in them, there are far to many songs about sadness in the world. Of course no topic should be ignored and not all songs should be serious but i believe my main purpose as a songwriter is to spread a message of love and kindness.

I hope you had a peaceful 21st of September and keep the peace flowing!

About Ross Mayhew :: Vegan Musician

Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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