A Return To Open Mics? Well, why not!

In 2015 and so far in 2016 live performances haven’t been a regular thing for me but last night i decided it was about time i took action on that front and performed at my first open mic since May 2015.

I picked Oddfellows in Exeter to begin my foray back into performing, it’s a pub i know well from Exeter Friends For Animals evening meet ups, so it felt a comfortable place to start.

I could (and maybe should) have delayed my sudden burst on to the open mic scene as i am recovering from a cold and did no prior practise. However i felt it was time to stop making excuses and just get out there and sing some songs and i am very glad i did.

I met three fellow performers, an friend i’d not seen for almost 2 years and saw some great stuff performed! I sang four songs myself, (Come On) Love One Another, There Goes The Sunrise, Freedom Dances Under The Sun and If I Wrote You A Song…

My plan is to find time to carry on and sing at a few open mics every week and hone the performing side of my career.

Peace out!

About Ross Mayhew :: Vegan Musician

Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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