NEW CD: Vegan #7

It was on World Vegan Day in 2015 that i released my album Vegan #7 online via Bandcamp but now it is finally available on CD, with 4 added bonus tracks.


Vegan #7 Artwork

If you’d like a copy get in touch.

For more info on the album itself keep on a-scrollin’ and a-readin’ 🙂

About The Album

My 2012 album Vegan Revolution was released at the beginning of my career, which was around the same time i adopted a vegan lifestyle and since then my ability as a singer/songwriter has improved so i felt re-recording some of my favourite vegan themed songs made sense.

Of course not every song from Vegan Revolution was re-recorded for Vegan #7 but i feel i’ve hand-picked the best ones, and those most important to me. The songs are recorded in the same style, just me, a guitar and a harmonica, after all these songs were written to be more of a message rather than as pop/rock songs – my love of Woody Guthrie comes through.

Inlay Photo

CD Inlays

Talkin’ Vegan Blues was my first my vegan song and i don’t really think i’ve ever bettered it, although i’ve come close, whenever i perform at vegan events that song is my opener. Soul Revolution rarely gets a run out live but has a slow groove as is fun to play, while Bullets For Peace gets it’s (4th?) recording and release, have i finally nailed it? I hope so.

Worldwide Blues (Lies and Truth) gives the album another bit of groove, it was written after someone annoyed me with their simplistic views. The Vegan Dream didn’t feature on my 2012 album, although it did feature as a b-side to a re-recording of The Vegan Gypsy and that song gets another release here.

The Vegan #7 album closes with Songs Of Freedom, another track that wasn’t on the 2012 album but it did feature on the album that shares it’s name.

This CD, as mentioned above comes with 4 bonus tracks, these songs aren’t live acoustic re-recordings but they fit the album with their message. They start with The Vegan Bop which is my 1950s inspired track, a bit of fun but still with a good message.

Save The World follows, this song was released to celebrate Earth Day in 2015. The previous unreleased (although available on SoundCloud) Dawn Of Freedom then features, this track has been lying around since 2014 and it’s nice to finally give it a proper outing on this album.

The CD closes with Peace By Peace from my album Sky In My Pocket and it features singer Amy Walklett alongside me. It was of course only recently that i released a video for this track on my YouTube account.

There’s no fixed cost but a minimum price of £5, If you would like a copy please get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or via my website and i will send a copy your way.

Until next time.

About Ross Mayhew :: Vegan Musician

Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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