Peace By Peace Video Online


Just a quick blog post to let you know the video for my song Peace By Peace is now online! Check it out below.

I came up with the idea back in February and began asking people and sharing the idea around social media. I got a good response from people but still it took time to get enough selfies sent in for the video, thankfully the vegan community was very supportive and helped me reach out beyond my current circle of friends and in the process i made some new ones.

Peace By Peace Backdrop.png

“peace by peace is what we need to make a kinder world”

As i write this the video has been online just over 24 hours and has had 89 plays, which is vast improvement of plays compared to my other music videos, i hope the tally keeps rising!

That’s all i have to say in this blog post, well aside from the fact that i will be recording with Amy Walklett (the other singer in the song) again soon and hopefully those sessions will bring another new song or two.


Peace! #peaceselfie

Thanks again to everyone who took part, i am grateful for your support! Keep on taking and sharing peace selfies to put a bit love out in to the world.

Peace out!

About Ross Mayhew :: Vegan Musician

Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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