Sunflower Heart EP: You Got Love In Your Smile

Welcome one and all to a blog post unveiling my latest musical release! It’s a 5 track EP and is titled Sunflower Heart.

It will be released on my 31st birthday, which is on Monday the 28th of March and you’ll be able to buy and stream it from all the usual places, such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and more.

Artwork - Sunflower Heart

The songs were recorded during the making of my album Sky In My Pocket which i released last October – check it out here – and after a slight bit of mixing they are now all good to go. So now i shall do the usual and take you through the songs one by one, i’m kind like that (it also helps pad out the blog post).

1. Sunflower Heart

The title track, a short and upbeat song about falling in love, in fact that is the EPs theme. I wrote it in February 2015, when i saw a picture of a sunflower on a box at a supermarket that was used to home unsold valentines day items, a song can be born out of anything.

The splendid piano solo is not played by me but by the Sound Galley engineer Duncan Chave, who’s help in this release and my past releases cannot be understated, he’s great to work with!

2. Where Did She Go?

While the first song is about falling in love this one is about missing somebody. I have little recollection of writing it but assume i wrote it in May 2015 as that when the home-demo was made, i must have written and recorded it in a day then got distracted by other songs, it was a productive phase of songwriting.

I’m glad i rediscovered it and am able to share it with you now.

3. She Is My Heaven

A short and sweet finger-picking song. The idea for this song came from a Bob Dylan track, a cover he did of Black Jack Davy.

The first incarnation of this track was rather similar to the Dylan recording but it never quite worked and thus i started again but keeping the idea/term “she is my heaven” and used a guitar piece i had no words for. Some of my love songs are of course influenced by real people, this one however is just an idea i couldn’t contain.

4. Time With You

First off this was a bouncy upbeat shuffle-y kinda song but i decided to give it a more of somber feel, it’s a track about missing somebody and of course with a change of pace came a change of lyrics, although i think the chorus’ remain the same.

5. Me + The Sun = Happiness (Me + You = Heaven)

A bit of nonsense but fun nonsense! To me it sounds like it belongs as the theme tune for a children’s tv show or something. The chords were fun to play, upbeat and jolly, sadly the lyrics are just what came out when i first came up with the chords, nothing profound could really be written over that tune.


The artwork was designed by my good friend Selina, she kindly leant her artistic skills to my music and i couldn’t be happier with what she created for me.

I hope you enjoy this EP. Keep on shining your love!

Peace out!

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