Peace By Peace Video: Starring You?

One of my goals for 2016 is to add to my YouTube channel and so far i’ve done ok with that goal, uploading 3 videos before March. However i have quite a number of songs in my pocket and am keen to create more videos and one song i’d love to make a video for is Peace By Peace and it could even feature you (yes you!) as one of it’s stars.

Listen to the track here: Peace By Peace

Rather than film myself miming along to a track from various angles i thought it would be good to create a simple video of pictures and i would love these pictures to be of people posing for what i am calling a “Peace Selfie”, a simple photo of you taken on your phone (or tablet, webcam, on whatever really) showing the two finger peace symbol.


Here’s an example (i’ll take another photo for my entry later!) #peaceselfie

I am not sure how many photos i will need, the song is just over 3 minutes in length but at this early stage i welcome all to this peaceful bit of fun! Obviously there is a chance barely anyone sends in a peace pic which would see the idea fall flat but i am being optimistic that i can have this video online in the fairly near future!

So get snapping for peace and sending your photos too either my Facebook page ( or Twitter account (, emailing is of course an option too

You’ll be able to keep track of things on my social media accounts 🙂

#peacebypeace #peaceselfie #peace

Peace out!

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Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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