Aren’t All Mysteries Unexplained?

NEW single! (yes another).
If you’re a fan of my music then you may have heard this song before, if you’re not a fan i could question why you are reading this blog, boredom perhaps? But whatever your reason for reading i do hope you’ll carry on and check out some music – there is plenty of it!
Unexplained Mystery was recorded first during my debut in the studio way back in September 2011 and since then it has been recorded a handful times and this version better be the last! I am very fond of the song but felt i never did it justice in the early part of my career – heck i didn’t do much justice then – so it’s great to release this new version of it.

The song is a ponderous one on the mystery of life and heavily inspired by Donovan’s Sutras album along with the famous Flammarion woodcut (that later of which is on my guitars headstock). Some people might question if a ploddy song with this theme is “good single material” but i care not for those views, music isn’t just about catchy singles and aiming to please an audience but about trying to spread messages and encouraging different views and thoughts, like all art does.
As with No Rain Falling On Me this release comes with 2 b-sides, the first is a re-recording of All Will Become which was first released on the 2013 album Tales From Sunshine Street and the latter in a new song titled The World Is Beautiful! and as with Unexplained Mystery and All Will Become it focuses on looking within, i suppose that’s the theme of this 3 song collection.
I hope you enjoy this collection of tracks, there is one more certain release to come out, hopefully around March time but after that who knows? Guess i will before anyone else, there are some recordings knocking about but my focus is on gigging and writing at this very moment.
Until next time.
Shine your love,

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