Freedom Dances In A Video

Hello there,

A few days ago i recorded and released a video for my song Freedom Dances Under The Sun, you might have noticed the spamming on Twitter, or the sponsored Facebook post as you embarked on a spot of social-media-ing in the past week.

I’d wanted to make a video for this track for a good few years and i’m glad i’ve finally got off my arse and done it. One good thing about my lazy approach to video making is that i could use the 2015 re-recording rather than the original one made back in 2012. You can buy the EP from which the song is part via iTunes (and various other places too).

The youngest of my 5 siblings was my cameraman for the day and you really should checkout and like his Facebook page where he displays his photographic talent.

We filmed the video in a local park, Bakers Park in fact, which is one of Newton Abbot’s splendid areas of greenery (if only the town was as beautiful).


I look almost (almost!) presentable in a cordoury jacket and ’60s shirt

I have plans, well ideas, to make at least 3 more videos this year but i have no idea when they’ll be made or even surface online. An EP has moved closer to completion however, artwork ideas are floating around but i’ll leave it in the hands of fate and time as to when the EP will be shared with you all.

Until next time!



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