Gig Review: Cornwall Vegan Festival

On the 5th of December i caught the depressingly early 4:30am train from Newton Abbot to Truro for the Cornwall Vegan Festival, where i would be helping out and singing some songs!


Photo by Berty Justice

Despite being a mildly seasoned Cornish adventurer it was the first time i’d paid Truro a visit, well other than to change at the station for a connecting train to Falmouth – home to famous vegan cafe/restaurant Wildebeest.


I saw a ghost upon arrival!

The day started with helping to set up some stuff, such as the music area and the film screening room where i would be helping out throughout the day. I’d not actually seen any of those films, some bits were hard to take but they served purpose in reminding my why i was vegan.


The film room!

The gig itself was just kinda ok, i don’t think i went down very well but as i’m not “a performer” and let my songs do the talking i think that if they can’t be heard fully over hubbub and milling then people won’t pay much attention, that i don’t make the prettiest noise.

But it’s nice to support and perform at these events. I get to meet so many lovely and like-minded people.

Don’t get me wrong i have plenty of friends in the vegan community who are very supportive of what i do and i know my musics message is valued and encouraged, etc but there are just some events where i go under the radar of what’s going on, the same thing happened in Wolverhampton at the West Midlands Vegan Festival – perhaps my stage persona needs looking at? Then again to quote John Lennon “i cannot be what i’m not”.

But on the whole it was of course a great day, i got my name in the program and i was filmed performing my closing number – i’ll share the video when it surfaces.

My goal for 2016 is to play as many open mics as i can and search/pester venues in Devon, Cornwall and Bristol for gigs. I spent a lot of this year recording and have stuff set to release next year already, such as the single No Rain Falling On Me, which is due out on the 1st of January, so with that and the 100-odd songs already in my back catalogue it really is time to get off my arse and hit the road!

Shine your love,

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