Upcoming Releases, Gigs ‘n’ that

I know it hasn’t even been a month since i released my album Sky In My Pocket but i see no point standing still when it comes to releasing music that is good to go, so here is some info on what to expect in the next few weeks/months.

Sky In My Pocket Artwork

Sky In My Pocket

Buy Sky In My Pocket on iTunes

Actually before i get on to that a big thank you to all who have brought/streamed my latest album, i’ve been getting some lovely feedback, which makes it all worthwhile 🙂

Just yesterday i shared a new track titled No Rain Falling On Me on my SoundCloud page, it’s rather Bob Dylan inspired, ’80s Bob Dylan inspired in fact, it’s kind of a combination between Man Of Peace from his album Infidels and Thunder On The Mountain from Modern Times.

The lyric has little bit more of “an edge” to it, it’s not all peace and love like most of my stuff, infact it’s a song about leaving people behind and heading on without them, felt good to write it! It will be available to buy from Bandcamp somewhere between the end of November and January, it will come with 2 b-sides as well.

There were plans for a festive collection but this year it will be a festive song only as money is running short at this moment but a FREE download of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas should soon be coming your way! It is one of my favourite christmas songs, perhaps next year will see a festive album released?

Oh and there will also be a compilation CD out in 2016, it will feature some singles released this year but also feature 11 (as of this date) unheard songs, more on that in January.

Ponderin’ making a few videos soon too if the fates allow.

Any Gigs?
Just one planned and that is the Cornwall Vegan Festival on Saturday the 5th of December in Truro, so if you can make it to that it sure would be cool! Speaking of which i should practise for that in a bit…

But yeah that’s the lot for now, keep an eye on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Facebook and the like for NEW stuff but there is of course Sky In My Pocket to enjoy and many other releases from years gone by.

Shine your love,

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