NEW Collection! Vegan #7

Well today is not only World Vegan Day but also the beginning of World Vegan Month, which is pretty splendid!

To celebrate this i decided to re-record 7 of my vegan/protest songs from years gone by. They were written during the early days of my singing career so i felt some fresh (and hopefully improved) versions were justified.

Vegan #7

Vegan #7

Listen on Bandcamp from the 1st of Nov.

The Songs
Now lets go through the songs one by one, as is traditional on my blog posts regarding releases.

1. Talkin’ Vegan Blues
This was the very first vegan song i wrote, inspired by a song called Talkin’ Guitar Blues by Lonnie Donegan.

I got a lot of my feelings about veganism out in this song and it was the first time i’d played harmonica and sung on a song. The key has shifted from G in the original version to A in this re-recording to better suit my vocal range.

2. Soul Revolution
Based around a very simple little riff (if you can call it that) this track followed Talkin’ Vegan Blues on the album Vegan Revolution as well as this new selection.

It’s a call for people to use their hearts and minds to make a change and not go down a route of violence in order to decry it, love breads love.

3. Bullets For Peace
Probably on version 5 or 6 of this song now. It was one of the very first songs i wrote so it’s had subtle changes lyrically in that time, i hope this is the last studio version i make of it.

It’s a song i hold dear, the opening riff while very simple is something i was very proud of when i wrote it as i usually just bash out a few chords instead of trying to make riffs or suchlike.

4. Worldwide Blues (Lies and Truth)
I remember writing this when a friend annoyed me with her simplicity and inability to even question why things were. Don’t get me wrong i am still fond of this person but sometimes anyone can annoy you.

It hurts me to see people blindly following along.

5. The Vegan Dream
Originally a b-side to a song put out last year but i felt that recording was far from great. The song again is pretty straight to the point and has a good melody too, i enjoy playing this one.

6. The Vegan Gypsy
The song i often claim is my dream. The Vegan Gypsy tells tales of someone who roams the land with his guitar spreading a message of love, changing the world step by step.

Perhaps one day it will be me?

7. Songs Of Freedom
I actually felt that this didn’t really need a re-recording but it’s about what i do, try to live a good life and spread a message of peace, love and freedom.

Is forcing your cat to be in photos for an album vegan? I’m sure she didn’t mind too much. The artwork is very similar to the artwork for my song Save The World, mainly because i was to lazy to go anywhere beyond the grounds of my house to take the picture.

Alt. Artwork Alt. Artwork

The Title?
Well 7 is a cool number and i didn’t have time to record enough to make it 10.

Buying / Streaming Vegan #7
You can buy and listen to the album on and for now that’s the only place it will be hosted fully but feel free to bootleg it for your friends 🙂

Shine your love,

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