Tale of Two Gigs

Saturday morning saw me catch the 6:03 train toward the Midlands for what would be my 3rd appearance in 4 years at the West Midlands Vegan Festival, an event that gave me a chance – and more importantly a stage – at the beginnings of my performing career back in 2012.
The event grows with each passing year, soon the Civic Hall in Wolverhampton won’t be able to hold the demand created for all things vegan.

I was the opening act on the Saturday and as usual sang a set mostly of songs about veganism and love. This year I’ve been lucky enough to perform at more events where these songs are suited, while something from my humble beginnings they are still some of my strongest songs lyrically I feel, in recent years I find myself writing about more personal matters and feelings but the message in these songs will ring true until we hear bells of freedom chime for all life.

My set went down ok, I was a little croaky but if I call myself a folk-singer that justifies any vocal flaws. Was fun to be performing on a nice high stage overlooking a growing crowd of activity at nearby stalls. Another good moment was being congratulated on my set a short while after by a passer by as I explored the festival further. A positive day for all things vegan!

To make the most of the festival i stayed over in Wolverhampton for the night which gave me time to head to, and explore Birmingham (something I’d not done before) and in splendid company, a lovely to spend a few hours before I headed off to Bristol to see one of my major musical influences perform at the Colston Hall, it is of course Donovan and his Sunshine Superman ways. He might be boasting these days and rattle on too much his Beatles and Dylan tales but to his credit he has written some damn good songs!

The gig was good fun a nice to see him perform solo acoustically for a whole show.

The weekend also inspired me to make some new music, due out VERY soon!

About Ross Mayhew :: Vegan Musician

Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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