Far From Down in Down Thomas

Yesterday (Sunday the 13th) i went along to a Vegan Fayre in Down Thomas, which was hosted by members of the Plymouth Vegan group and sang some songs on a fine sunny afternoon.

Apparently it was the first event of it’s type for a while, one hall had stalls featuring literature, vegan snacks and hand made crafts, i didn’t buy anything but that was mainly due to money being far from an easy to come by substance of late.

I was picked up at Plymouth station and upon arrival at the hall i helped to set up the area for music, putting out tables and chairs, etc although my attention was distracted by a piano and i chose to ignore the “please don’t play this piano without permission” sign and subject people to my limited piano playing abilities. Good fun, for me, though!

A friend of mine opened the performances, it was the first time he’d sang through a microphone live and he did a great job and played some good stuff. I only played 5 songs myself, but 3 got live debuts, Save The World, The Vegan Bop and another titled Peace By Peace which is a track from my new album. My set seemed to go down well and i then sat enjoyed the rest of the musicians sing their songs.

My friend who opened the musical proceedings a while ago kindly shared a video of himself playing along with one of my tracks, check it out below!

It’s been a good few weeks with a radio interview and a gig as i finish my album off and get it ready for release. Next up the Penzance Peace Festival!

Shine your love,

About Ross Mayhew :: Vegan Musician

Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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