My Time On 10radio

A few days ago i sang some songs on and had a chat with the host of the Songwriters Circle Show, Trevor Lloyd. I was booked to appear on the show back in May (i think) and during that time i’d tuned into a few of the shows and my appearance seemed to be just over horizon but September crept up on me and suddenly it was time to sing!

10radio is a community station in the village of Wiveliscombe, Somerset. Due to my lack of driving ability Trevor kindly picked me up from Tiverton Parkway, which was great, not only did i get to relax and see the splendour of a small portion of Somerset but also had a nice chat about all things music as we made our way to the booth (a hut on school property).

Being a fan of folk music from the ’60s it isn’t that often i meet someone with a good knowledge of that music as most people i meet in my life (especially around my age) tend to think differently about what makes good music but Trevor seemed to have a good knowledge of music past and present, always good!

It was my first radio appearance since i was on Jackson Coopers Riviera Showcase back in 2012, and i’ve come a long way since then in terms of performance, sadly not in any level of fame or fortune (but the dream isn’t dead!). I sang 3 songs and had a little chat with Trevor about my musical influences and career to date, i also picked 3 of my favourite tracks to have played on air and i chose,

To Try For The Sun by Donovan
Let There Be Love by Oasis
The Lady Came From Baltimore by Tim Hardin

All are acts that have inspired me a lot musically. I got to hear plenty of new music too as i relaxed between my parts of the show, it was a nice way to spend a sunny September evening. It all came and went pretty quickly but i enjoyed it and a nice way to get back into things after a fair few months of little activity in terms of live performance, of course my album is almost good to go, so stay tuned for news on that!

Next up a gig in Down Thomas just south of Plymouth at a Vegan Fayre, should be good!

Shine your love,


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