Sing To The Sky Above!

Greetings all, it’s time for another obligatory “i’ve just released some music and here is some info about it” blog post.

It's Revolution Love!

It’s Revolution Love!

Anyway onto the song itself. As you may be aware i’ve been working on my next album over the past few months and the sessions have produced a fair few tracks, some of which have already be shared and released as EPs and singles since April this year.

This version of It’s Revolution Love! was recorded back in April, left alone for awhile and finally finished off in early August. The song is as close to punk/folk rock as i’m ever likely to get and it’s fun to do something with this much power behind it and it even has it’s own video, which is no way inspired by Bob Dylan.

The song is a call for people to create a kinder world and step out of the selfish and money obsessed world we find ourselves in today. We all have an ego, needs and dreams but we can pursue those while we care and try to create a world of respect and joy, a revolution doesn’t have to be violent after all.

A different version of the track will be the opening number on my next album and as on this version backing vocals are performed by the very splendidly talented Amy Walklett who is not only a pleasure to work with but has improved many of my songs with her fine voice and i can’t wait to share them with you all.

My next single will be announced in a few weeks and it will be a track from my upcoming album so be sure to keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for news of that in early-to-mid September.

Peace out!

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