Back Down Sunshine Street

Following on from my recent burst of singles (this one, this one and this one) an EP for you all to enjoy isn’t far from release. Sunshine Street features 5 of my favourite tracks from an album i made in 2012 (released in 2013) called Tales From Sunshine Street and given my development as a musical type person since the making of that album i wanted to re-do some songs that i have a soft spot for, so here they are, now featuring added instrumentation and the like.

You can listen to the EP via from the 15th of June, it should also turn up on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and the like too. If you’d like to read some more info about this EP the do please carry on down the page.

Sunshine Street

Sunshine Street

1. Sunshine Street
The title track is a rather persistent driven song, the term Sunshine Street (and the song itself) is about the journey of life, going from one end to another, hoping to enjoy and share the journey as you go.

There is a slight lyric change on the last verse, on the old recording i sing “so baby please come with me” but in this version i sing “so maybe you can come with me”, even before i recorded the older version i debated replacing the word “baby”, to me “maybe” fits the song better.

2. Freedom Dances Under The Sun
This song was born out of listening to far much of Donovan’s 1965 album Fairytale a few years back, a finger-picking number that asks the questions of myself and others just how free we are.

If i was ever pressured to make a top 10 of my own songs this would certainly feature. It’s the only song not to feature anything extra in it’s re-recording but it is a much more solid performance then that which was made back in late 2012.

I’m pondering about undergoing the effort of making a video for this song, just to give an illusion of mild professionalism but time will tell, i’m likely to get distracted.

3. Love In Your Own Way
Written in support of someone who had decided to enter a same-sex relationship and soon it developed into a track about everyone being allowed to live and love the way they wish. I do think that actually Live In Your Own Way would make a better title but it’s been as it is for years, so why change it. the premise is the same after all.

I’ve realised that none of these songs really feature choruses, not that that takes anything away from them. The piano and mandolin on this track give it a nice feeling that’s for sure and not every song needs a chorus of course.

4. The Newest Star In The Sky
A last minute inclusion to the EP, in fact i thought the EP was complete when i’d finished recording and mixing the other 4 songs but i stumbled upon an old piano demo of this track and i felt like it would a nice touch to the EP and of course bring something different to the song which was previously an acoustic number.

It’s features piano, drums and organ, like all these re-records they are kept simple mostly but just fleshed out from their original acoustic origins.

5. Goodnight To You
This is the 1 song you can indeed listen to prior to the main release on the 15th 🙂

My attempt a lullaby is all this be, a gentle song to sing to guide you to the land of dreams, will it work? No idea but let me know if it does 🙂

There is believe it or not a didgeridoo on this song and a vibraphone along with the obvious string section that a lullaby demands.

Anything Else?
Other songs from the album Tales From Sunshine Street were briefly considered for re-recording, most notably “Take A Look Upon The World”, “Gypsy Boy”, “I’ve Left My Blues Behind” and “All Will Become” but i didn’t want to spend forever re-doing old songs when i have new songs to share but i believe this EP is very nice little collection. Although think i’m right in saying there is an unheard recording of “I’ve Left My Blues Behind” somewhere in my musical archive, there’s definitely a 2015 demo of “Gypsy Boy” but that too will remain unheard for the now.


Sunshine Street Artwork

Sunshine Street Artwork

The artwork was taken next to an abandoned factory in Newton Abbot and with the help of my keen photo taking and editing sibling – here is his Facebook page, please do give it a like – i think we created a nice effect of a run down area leading to somewhere far greater! (the joy of photoshop). I’m sorry to point out that Sunshine Street doesn’t actually exist, at least nowhere near me and the street sign in the artwork is indeed a custom made one.

I hope you’ll enjoy the songs in their re-done kinda way.
Shine your love,

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