Here’s Another Song

Hello, greetings and other welcoming phrases,

Another splendid night was had at The Acoustic Warehouse last night, i sang two songs of my own and enjoyed many more from all the other acts, as per usual you can look up all the songs i played over at After what was an 18 month or so break it’s been good to be open-mic-ing again these last few weeks and long may it continue as i get used to whole performing thing again (i’m not a natural thats for sure, i like to play the songs and then hide).

As some of you may be aware i am currently working on a few releases at Sound Gallery – i even released a song for the recently past Earth Day – and while they aren’t quite ready, as there are a few little tweaks to make on the recordings and of course there is artwork to create too! However during these sessions i’ve been recording various bits and bobs and the song i released today titled “Let Me Sleep” is one of those.

Artwork - Let Me Sleep

Artwork – Let Me Sleep

The song – while splendid – doesn’t quite fit onto my album so in the spirit of super kindness i’ve decided to give it away for FREE (aren’t i wonderful), it’s short and sweet and while it doesn’t quite fit on anything i’m working i felt it dissevered to be shared, i hope you enjoy it –

As for news on my upcoming single, EP and album, well the first two are almost complete, as mentioned somewhere above they just need some tweaks and then it’s down to the serious business of artwork (and maybe even a video or two), i plan to debut the single plus a b-side at The Acoustic Warehouse in the near future, so come along! Hopefully both will be released in June with the album to be out in either late 2015 or early 2016.

Shine your love!

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