Save The World – Earth Day Single

I released a song for Earth Day which took place on the 22nd of April, i know this blog post is coming a bit late (about 6 days late in fact) but my excuse is that i was in London that day and since i’ve got back i’ve just been forgetful.

Save The World!

Save The World!

The song i released was a re-recording of one that appears on my album Songs Of Freedom  (released in 2013) titled Save The World. It’s a song i wrote during my “protest folk” phase i guess, that phase produced a lot of tracks and most notably the album Vegan Revolution. Since then my song-writing has perhaps gone in a more personal direction but this song Save The World is one i’ve always liked so it’s nice to put out a fully produced version of it.

I’ve been in the studio pretty regularly lately working on another single, an EP and an album, so there is plenty to look forward too and more details will arrive in time. This recording of Save The World was recorded and mixed all in an hour at the end of a session, kinda done on the fly as i realised Earth Day was fast approaching!

Anyway that’s all i have to say on the song really, click here to have a listen, i hope you enjoy it 🙂

Shine your love!

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