Down By The Sea With Some Songs

It’s been a while since i’ve updated this ‘ere blog but that’s because not a lot has been going on musically in 2015, well aside from the release of the album Walkin’ To Heaven in early February anyhow – i need to promote my albums for longer than a week i think – which is a pretty cool album, the bass was played by my brother from local rock band Slow Down World (hopefully i’ll convince him to play on the next album too).

St. Ives - Not A Bad View

St. Ives – Not A Bad View

As i write this i am enjoying a week – spent mostly alone – by the shore of the Celtic Sea in St. Ives, Cornwall and despite a cold being rather fond of me i’m having a fine, productive and relaxing time so far!

On the 2nd of April i will be returning to Sound Gallery Studios in Exeter to start work on my newest batch of songs that will hopefully appear on an album in a couple of weeks (or months) time.

I don’t want to give to much away, especially as recording hasn’t started yet and plans may change but i hope to be able to create a batch of songs that will be similar to those on the album Cosmic Soul in terms of increased production from my usual acoustic only stuff but also going a step further with some electric guitar and the like.

Album plans aside i do have a gig on the horizon, in fact it takes place on my 30th birthday (hooray for ageing!) in Plymouth at the Earth Cafe. I was booked to play there in January but illness meant i had to withdraw but this time i’m good to go! (well hopefully, this cold should have gone by then). It will be my fist gig of the year so i am looking forward to it kick-starting my year off gig-wise.

Before i ventured down to Cornwall i had the pleasant surprise of being asked for my autograph via Twitter, a most lovely request, even if a bit bewildering (i assume they didn’t think i was John Lennon). It was only the 2nd time i’ve ever signed anything, well other than when jokingly doing it for friends, etc. Could worldwide fame be on the cards!? – probably not.

Anyway that is all i have to update you on really, i have pretty much written my album now and now just wanna get started on the recording! I technically have a few more days left here but i may head back to Devon early as i’ve done all i needed to do and if i’m honest it is actually a tad boring/lonely hanging around St. Ives with nowt specific to do and a desire to do other stuff. This evening however i shall entertain myself by playing Magicland Dizzy because i am a grown man and behave in such a way.

Dizzy in Magicland

Dizzy in Magicland

Take care and keep on shining your love (whatever that means).

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