Let’s Take A Walk (and a listen?)

Greetings, Well 2015 is almost a month old so here comes news of my first musical release of the year! Why not listen to the album via Bandcamp as you read this fine and informative blog post Well you can do so once the 2nd of February 2015 dawns at the album is available.

Walkin' To Heaven

Walkin’ To Heaven

The album “Walkin’ To Heaven” was recorded and mixed in under 4 hours at Sound Gallery Studios, Exeter with the help and expertise of Duncan Chave, who i’ve been recording music with for almost 3 years now! The album also features my brother (from the Devon based Hard-Rock band Slow Down World) who plays acoustic bass on 4 songs, which adds something a little extra to help drive the songs along, he of course previously played on the single “Shine Your Love“.

The Bass Player is getting ready!

The Bass Player is getting ready!

My last “album proper” was Cosmic Soul which i released in April 2014 and that has a very much produced/polished feel with drums, bass, keyboard and the like but with this album i went for the live acoustic vibe, mainly because that’s how i perform so feel it represents me and what i do well. I suppose now would be a good time to give you a little info on all the songs featured on the album, so here goes…

Track 1: Step It Up To The Groove
This isn’t the first time this song has appeared a recording from 2013 can be found on my Bandcamp page but this one is certainty a more solid performance. As for the song itself it’s just a song urging people (and perhaps myself) to move to their own speed in life and do whatever you feel you need to do, etc.

Track 2: The Answer You Seek
Quite a lively song that was written during the recent festive season, essentially it’s about not trying to live a certain way but just being natural and letting everything come to you at the right time, why put pressure on yourself and rush? (well unless you’re late for a train or something).

Track 3: On The Right Road
After 2 fairly lively opening tracks this is a more steady affair, the lyric is about being sure where you’re headed and having the right people in your life to guide you. That’s all i have to say about this one really.

Track 4: Give Me The Sun
It’s back to another lively track, once the last to feature the fine acoustic bass playing from Slow Down World‘s bass player on this album. It’s actually pretty hard to explain what my songs are about because they are written pretty quickly without a great deal of over-thinking going into them but like the majority of my songs it’s about trying to be positive and helping others, basically there is little to write about sometimes so i fall back on that rough topic/theme. The bass playing (and bass line) are pretty cool though and i might record a more polished version for a single one day, with drums and stuff on.

Track 5: Paint My Sky
A listen to the lyrics will make it clear that this song is one about seeking someone to brighten my day, or paint my sky if you will. I had the chords for ages but was never really happy with the previous set of lyrics but find that these words (written just over a week before recording) fit the tune and say what needed sayin’.

Track 6: (Will You) Stand By Me?
At 9 minutes this song is the longest on the album and one that not be performed live just due to the sheer amount of lyrics, although you never know, i’ve managed to remember long songs before. The song asks the question (of both myself and other people) are you strong enough to believe and/or love? A fair question, it takes strength and bravery to commit to anything in this life, you have to be willing to risk something to gain something but why keep it that concise when you can waffle on pretentiously for 9 minutes or so?

Track 7: My Soul Will Be Released
Another (fairly) long song, this one is about having faith all will be well no matter what you must go through. Again i’m kinda short on things to say but i did realise after writing it that musically it is a tad similar to Bob Dylan’s “A Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall”, well to me at least.

Track 8: I Believe
This song you may have heard before from my band “Sogni d’amore” as it featured on our album “Reflections Of The Heart” which we released last October but this version however is not only a solo acoustic rendition but is also recorded in a different key.

The song is once more about belief, there is a lot of that on this album and although i’m not religious the songs do seem to speak of “the light” a fair bit so they could be interpreted as to being about God and being someone with a wondering mind that is a topic to ponder on but personally i don’t see how obeying an old book will benefit me so i will just stick to tryin’ to be cool ‘n’ groovy to everyone and spread thee ol’ peace and love where i can, it’s the best way i think.

I Believe is one of my favourite songs of my own and one i will be putting into my set as often as i can i think it preaches a positive attitude and hope, also if people hear my sing the words “I believe” 40+ times they too may start to believe, well maybe…

The Album Title: Walkin’ To Heaven
Well as the songs have a mildly religious theme in places i thought “Walkin’ To Heaven” sounded like a good title, whatever heaven is (or if such a place/afterlife exists) lets all be sure to walk there, there’s no need to run, after all you might trip and end up in hell if you do that, so just take it easy 🙂

Recording @ Sound Gallery | 28th of January

Recording @ Sound Gallery | 28th of January

Of course the photography for the album was done by my brother Harry (a very keen and talented photographer, check out his Facebook page).

Singin' amongst the trees!

Singin’ amongst the trees!

Well there you have it, another rambling blog post for another album, hope you enjoyed the read and enjoy the songs too! There will be more music coming your way during 2015 you can be sure of that but until then i hope these songs find a place amongst your musical collection.

Shine your love!

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