Into Another Year We Go!

As I write this it is the morning of the 29th of December and it’s been a fine holiday seasons so far! I hope yours has been similarly wonderful and your Christmas has been joyful and you’re looking ahead to 2015 with a positive attitude.


2014 was another productive musical year for me, I released my album Cosmic Soul which so far has been my most successful album to date. During the year I also released a collection of well-known children’s songs and demos from recording sessions at Sound Gallery Studios.

The year also saw the release of the single It’s Good To Be Here! which I recorded with members of the Evolve Music Project at The Music Mill,. The Evolve Music Project was run by Young Devon and I used my free time to volunteer there and it was a pleasure to see people develop their musical skills. While attending Young Devon I met my current band-mate Sarah, we formed our band Sogni d’amore back in July and recorded and released our debut album in record time too! Check it out at We hope to bring you more music in 2015 🙂

As for what 2015 will bring I would rather not attempt to predict but instead enjoy the journey! I can reveal I have plans to make music but that will come as no surprise and I’d like to play more Open Mic Nights and find some new places to play. If time allows I’d love to create more videos too for my YouTube Channel, I’ve just uploaded an updated version of my pirate epic The Tale Of Richard Forsyth, so if you have 19 minutes spare please so check it out via

Wishing you a great 2015!
Peace, love and all that sorts stuff,

Oh let us not forget my latest single (Come On) Love One Another released on the 7th of December, check it out via my Bandcamp page 🙂

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Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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