A NEW Single, my Christmas gift to you!

It’s been a long while it seems since i’ve posted a blog update but i’d like to think it’s been worth the wait as i bring you a NEW single titled “(Come On) Love One Another” in time for Christmas.  You can listen my single and it’s accompanying B-Side “(You Are) The Only Girl For Me”. via https://rossmayhew.bandcamp.com/album/come-on-love-one-another

(Come On) Love One Another

(Come On) Love One Another

The A-Side is a piano based track inspired musically by The Beatles tracks “Let It Be” and “Real Love” and the songs themes are love, friendship and support. The song was written in September during a fairly productive writing spell and recording took place in October in the studio where i am usually found, Sound Gallery in Exeter.

There were/are plans for an album somewhere down the line but as i write this blog post i have no idea of a release date or even recording time to complete songs that i am currently working on but i hope this single helps bridge the gap between releases. It’s hard to maintain the steady output i’ve managed during the first 2/3 years of my music career.

In early 2015 i will be hoping to focus on creating music videos and finding new venues to play and the album will come in time. Until then i’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a great 2015 and if you want to listen to some of my festive recordings then please head on over to https://soundcloud.com/rossmayhewonline/sets/have-yourself-a-merry-little

Peace out!

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