In The Summertime

Well it’s been a while since my last blog update and there are a few things to fill you in on, so let’s get to it!

Let’s start with the news that i am no longer just a wanderin’ folk singer, i am now part of an acoustic duo called Sogni d’amore with fellow singer/songwriter Sarah Proctor. We met at The Evolve Music Project run by Young Devon and a friendship has blossomed over the last few months, it was late-June when i asked Sarah if she’d be keen on singing some songs with me, she has an amazing voice and thankfully for me and my songs she was willing to have a go.

We met up in Totnes in July and went through some tracks and it was clear pretty much straight away that our voices worked well together so after 2 weeks of getting to grips with the songs and arrangements we were in Sound Gallery Studio, Exeter recording our first album! We played our live debut on the 23rd of July at gig hosted by Young Devon, we played 3 songs, you can check out some clips on YouTube.

As i write this post we’ve just released our album on Bandcamp, check it out here –

Reflections Of The Heart

Reflections Of The Heart

Back in June just before i asked Sarah if she wanted to work on some songs i booked a session at The Music Mill and took everyone from The Evolve Music Project along so they could experience what a studio and a recording session were like. The session started with me doing some live acoustic takes but then we started work on a song i wrote for the group to play on titled ‘It’s Good To Be Here!’. I came up with the song in my head during my day job, i wanted something catchy and that people could join in on, i realised it wouldn’t be a great deal of fun for people to watch me recording for 4 hours so i wanted to get them involved if i could.

Everyone learned the song on the day in the studio and it was a lot of fun! It was the first time i’d been in the studio with so many people (usually i do most things myself) and the final version of the song comes from a run through that nobody knew was being recorded and it gives the song a really free and upbeat feel. The artwork was done by Sarah and features me under a tree singing a song in a picturesque moment.

It's Good To Be Here!

It’s Good To Be Here!

The song will be released onto iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and the like on the 20th of October. Please support this track by sharing and listening as much as you can!

That’s the main 2 pieces of news i have to share with you at the moment, in terms of my solo career i have a few things on the horizon so stay tuned for news on that, although my main focus is now on Sogni d’amore!

Peace out!

P.S. I’m playing the West Midlands Vegan Festival for the 3rd year in a row on the 25th! (Hurrah!!!)

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