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On the 24th of May i had the pleasure of attending VegFest in Bristol, it was the first time i had been to Bristol in 2014 (having last been there in December 2013 to see The Waterboys at the Colston Hall) and it was nice to be back! I spent the day in good company and got to see plenty of the festival and plenty of the city.

Photo i took from the Clifton Suspension Bridge

Photo i took from the Clifton Suspension Bridge

While at the festival i attend a talk by Shradha Kotecha, the talk was about meditation, a tool i have used in the past but seem to have neglected over the past year or so and had been meaning to get back into. She spoke of different types and techniques of mediation and we did a little during her talk, it was nice to delve back into this world that can do so much for our bodies and souls.

Meditation has brought about many of my own songs of course, when the mind is clear and ready it is easier to grab hold of ideas and see where they lead, it’s a much better way to write instead of trying to force a song out.

Songs such as Unexplained Mystery, All Will Become, Shine Your Love and Stop The Blues came as a result of meditation, all those songs share a similar theme of “everything will be ok” and to “let nature take it’s course” which is something meditation helps us do, to live in the moment, which actually reminds me of my song The Moment.

I mention meditation directly in the songs Soul Revolution, Wake Up Your Soul, Nature’s Remedy but you’ll probably find a lot of my stuff will have echoes of meditation about them, i think taking the time to look within is important so including all the songs mentioned above here is a list of mindful songs you may enjoy;

From the album ‘Cosmic Soul’
Unexplained Mystery
To Be (Tryin’ To Find)
Shine Your Love
Little World (Bonus Track)
Listen To The Gulls Fly (Bonus Track)
Nature’s Remedy¬†[Demo] (Bonus Track)
From the album ‘From Nowhere To Here’
Home To The Sky
To Be Free
From the album ‘Lemon Road’
Lemon Soul
From the EP ‘Little Tracks’
The Little River Song
From the album ‘Nothing Specific’
Stop The Blues
From the album ‘Songs Of Freedom’
Winds Of Freedom
Peace Tree
From the album ‘One Way Road’
It Just Rolls On
Take It Slow
Hold On (It’s Alright)
From the album ‘Tales From Sunshine Street’
(Come and Find) Peace Of Mind #2
I’ve Left My Blues Behind
Resting Eternity
All Will Become
The Moment
From the album ‘Vegan Revolution’
Soul Revolution
Echoes Of Life
Free (words by Sally Thompson)

I hope you enjoy whatever songs you may choose to listen to from those, if you’re interested in meditation just give it ago, there isn’t really a right or wrong way but if you feel you need some advice to get the best from it just search online as there is bound to be plenty of stuff to help you. If you’re after a book recommendation i can suggest ‘The Art Of Meditation‘ by Mattieu Richard as it helped me get started back in 2010 or so.

Peace out!

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