It’s A-Comin’ Along Nicely

Just a quick blog post to update you all on my next album, it’s not quite finished yet but it’s very nearly there, one more session should do it! The plans are to tweak just a few things and get some backing vocals laid down so hopefully within a week or two it will be ready to release and share with you all.

As i posting i’ll mention my gig at The Bowling Green in Exeter which took place after my studio session on the 11th of March, in terms of my performance i was pretty chuffed (and that’s rarely the case). However the there were a few inebriated souls enjoying a friends birthday who were a tad annoying, mostly because they wanted to have a go on stage themselves but during their impatient nature i had to endure a few slurred heckles which i coped with fine but still it was an interesting experience, especially when they approached me after a song asking me to play Pink Floyd songs, that was never going to happen, mainly because Pink Floyd bore me.

But on the whole the 11th was a very positive day, the album got a big step closer to being complete and i have a few extra songs too i can use and with the sunnier weather now appearing i am keen to get and play when/wherever i can!

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