On The Horizon

The sun is shinning here is Devon this fine Saturday morning and before i consider running off outside to enjoy it i thought i’d let you know what has been a-goin’ on lately in my musical world.

I’ve been working on several tracks at Sound Gallery Studios in Exeter so hopefully come the dawn of April i will have some songs to share, some are older tracks re-done and some are brand spanking new ones! So keep your eyes peeled for those.

Before the above mentioned songs are thrown onto a server for you to stream and/or download i will be releasing the ‘Shine Your Love [Enhanced Single]’ on the 28th of March, my birthday in fact and it will contain 4 tracks, the single that is currently online alongside the first mix of that version which is considerably sparse in comparison to the final mix which was released in January. The other 2 tracks are separate recordings, one featuring bass and piano, the other being an acoustic only version, i hope this EP will showcase the journey the song went on and you’ll enjoy the alternative versions of one of my more popular songs.

Shine Your Love EP

Shine Your Love EP

I did make a rather colourful lyric video to during the week to give ‘Shine Your Love’ some YouTube presence, so check that out below if you’ve got a moment spare. I am also in the early stages of making another video which could end being pretty cool if all goes to plan, i hope to add a few more videos to my YouTube channel in the coming months.

Also if you’re in the Exeter area on the 10th of April do please drop in to the Exeter Picturehouse that evening as i’ll be singing some songs.

Peace out! Shine your love!

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Vegan Singer/Songwriter
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