Today I’m Hoping You’ll Download My Single

If you came to this blog post via my Facebook page or Twitter feed you will have no doubt also noticed that today i released a NEW single, a re-recording of the track ‘Yellow Rose Girl’ which can be downloaded for FREE via SoundClound and Bandcamp.

Yellow Rose Girl Artwork

Yellow Rose Girl Artwork

You may well remember the 2 previous recordings of this track, the first appeared as a bonus song on the album ‘From Nowhere To Here‘ and the second as track 6 on the album ‘Lemon Road‘ (which is now available for free download also). There wasn’t a particular reason why i recorded the song for a third time but it was nice to add some more harmonica onto the track.

While i am writing away i may as well tell you the tale of the song, it was inspired by something a friend of mine shared with me, the language of flowers. Different flowers have different meanings all over the world to various cultures but the website i was shown listed the Yellow Rose as a flower of friendship, loyalty and love and straight away i set to work writing this song. The lyric clearly speaks of a longing to find that ‘special someone’ in your life, someone whom you feel in sync with and can journey down the road comfortably with, be it a friend or a lover.

My plans for the year are still to focus on gigging and spreading my overall message of freedom and for a more equal and understanding world, however i do have a few songs i am working on and plenty of unreleased stuff, so you never know i might get an album out in 2014 still, 11 months is a long time.

Please do share the track with your friends and family if you enjoy it, after all for all artists it is word of mouth that takes them places so any help you can offer me is truly appreciated and it’s why i like to give away songs for free, my gift back to you for your support.

Keep on shining your love!

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