2014: So far, so good!

Well 2014 isn’t even 3 weeks old as i write this but so far i have to say it has been a pretty good year in terms of my musical journey. I’ve played 3 gigs, had 1 recording session and released 2 new tracks!

Prior to my first gig on the 9th of January i spent 3 nights on the north cornish coast in the town of St. Ives, which is a favourite place of mine, it’s so very calming just be there, rain or shine! Of course i travelled with my guitar but i decided against doing any busking, instead i wanted to relax after what was a busy period at work over the festive period.

I was briefly worried that little break away wouldn’t take place due to the bad weather the UK faced as the year dawned but thankfully i made it there and i managed to witness some pretty cool waves and feel some pretty strong winds as i made my way around the town recharging my soul.

It was a shame to leave, it’s no wonder St. Ives has inspired many of my songs, most notably ‘A Dream Of St. Ives’ – http://rossmayhew.bandcamp.com/track/a-dream-of-st-ives

Two New Singles

While i was in St. Ives my two NEW singles ‘Shine Your Love‘ and ‘Step It Up To The Groove‘ went live on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and Deezer.

So far the reaction has been good, Shine Your Love in particular has had a lot of plays on my Bandcamp page, so thank you to all who have leant their ears to my latest tracks, your support means a lot!

Shine Your Love & Step It Up To The Groove

Shine Your Love & Step It Up To The Groove

The Return to Gigging

My first gig of the year came at the Exeter Picturehouse on the day i returned to Devon, it was the fifth time i had played the venue and it is always a nice chilled atmosphere.

I was the second act to perform and i think because of that (and the fact i had travelled back that day) tiredness got the better of me so i wasn’t to happy with how i did, although according to those watching i did well, it’s hard to tell yourself sometimes just how well you’re performing.

January the 9th @ The Exeter Picturehouse

January the 9th @ The Exeter Picturehouse

Just a few days later on Saturday the 11th i played The Real McCoy Cafe in Exeter and this gig is a totally unplugged one, i grabbed a stall and sang away, my energy levels were good and i really enjoyed this one, of course it is sods law that barely anyone was watching but that’s how it goes.

January 11th @ The Real McCoy Cafe

January 11th @ The Real McCoy Cafe

The third and final gig i played in spell was my live debut in Cornwall as i sang at The Studio Bar in Penzance. It’s a cool venue, you enter on the backstreets and go into a cosy room, i was on-stage from 11pm and stopped singing at 12:30am, in total i sang 27 songs, making it my longest set to date.

It was quite odd playing a gig so late, usually acoustic acts like myself end up playing afternoon/early evening gigs so this was a nice change and it was great to be paid for it too.

January 16th @ The Studio Bar

January 16th @ The Studio Bar

My recent gigs got me thinking that during 2014 i need to find ‘my audience’ because while i am truly grateful to all the venues who have given me a chance to sing and all people who have listened i haven’t found where i belong in a musical sense.

Here’s to a fun and interesting journey!

Studio Time

As i was paid for my gig in Penzance i thought i would treat myself to a studio session the following day at my home-from-home Sound Gallery. My plan for this year is to spend less time in the studio and more time ‘on the road’, however one session can’t hurt.

The Tale Of Richard Forsyth

You may remember the demo i released late last year called ‘The Tale Of Richard Forsyth’ which was a 12 minute live take of a story i wrote based around pirates.

I have always loved pirates since having pirate LEGO and also playing the Monkey Island computer games as a child and lets face it a lot of kids grow up wanting to be a pirate!

The story is my own and so are the characters within, of course i use plenty of pirate ‘clichés’ such as mermaids, the undead, voodoo, treasure, sea gods and the standard tale of a heartbroken man playing the main part in my story but i hope you’ll enjoy it.

The song now clocks in at 18 minutes and 31 seconds as i added some verses during my stay in Cornwall. This latest recording of also features drums, making it the first recording of mine to do so and it really helps drive the song along.

Check it out at http://rossmayhew.bandcamp.com/track/the-tale-of-richard-forsyth

The Tale Of Richard Forsyth

The Tale Of Richard Forsyth

Next Up

As i post this blog update i have no gigs planned but that doesn’t dishearten me, after all last year i had to wait until March for a gig of any kind so i’m just glad 2014 has started so well!

In a few days i will be sauntering around London and it’s after then that the year will really begin for me, i’ll be looking to play gigs when and wherever i can after that and share my music with the world!

Until next time
Peace out! Remember to shine your love!

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