NEW Single – Ramblin’ Christmas Blues

Hello there dear blog reader i hope today is a good day for you. Today i’d like to witter on about my NEW digital single release Ramblin’ Christmas Blues, i know it is only the beginning of November but i’ve got to get the most i can out of a song that only has use for a short portion of the year, so let the blogging about it begin/carry on further.

Ramblin' Christmas Blues Artwork

Ramblin’ Christmas Blues Artwork

Some of you may remember that last year i released an album called ‘Christmas Love & Peace‘ which could be downloaded for FREE via SoundCloud and my website, well that album is still available and you can pay however much (or little) you wish for it and it can be found on Bandcamp. The album was (and still is) a collection of festive covers alongside 3 of my own festive compositions and this latest single was one of those i recorded last year, however this NEW release is a re-recording and this time round the song features more production to give a more seasonal feel.

If memory serves i wrote Ramblin’ Christmas Blues in early-to-mid November last year so i had to book another session to get it recorded so it could be added to the album ‘Christmas Love & Peace’ in time for release, however it only dawned on me after the turning of the year how much i liked the track so when the summer of 2013 had passed i decided to revisit the track and see what else could be added, it was a lot of fun making the track as Christmas-y as possible while maintaining the songs overall emotion, which is quite sad in truth.

The song itself is about about missing somebody you love during a holiday of togetherness and fate has kept you apart for sometime now despite the love felt. Inspiration for the track comes from such songs as David Essex’s ‘A Winters Tale’ and a lesser known song by Donovan titled ‘On Christmas Day’.

One of the reasons that i decided to release this song onto iTunes, Amazon, Google and Spotify is in the hope that it will draw people to my music, on the whole i don’t think an artist needs these stores to have a successful career but they certainly help, especially during a time when people like to spend and get into the moment, etc. I think it will be interesting to see how well it fares, i will be shameless posting and promoting it wherever i can, i hope you will give it a listen 🙂

This will likely be my last blog post this side of Christmas so i’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas full of love and good vegan festive food!

Peace out!

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