No Trick, Here’s A Treat

During a recent look in my archive i discovered that sometime ago i had began to prepare a collection of songs for release, it featured tracks that were recorded during sessions for various albums that didn’t quite make final releases for various reasons but now after being forgotten about you can now lend your ear to them.

The collection is titled ‘Homeless Songs’ and it is my Halloween treat for you, even though the songs have nothing to do with Halloween itself, you can listen to the album at

Homeless Songs Artwork

Homeless Songs Artwork

Here is a bit of info on each song on this release.

(I’m Just A) Day Dreamer – recorded during the session for the album ‘Tales From Sunshine Street’ this track has something of an Oasis flavour to it and about dreaming, as if the title doesn’t give that away
Take Me Somewhere (You and Me) – i added this track at the last minute, the album was left as 10 tracks prior to my rediscovery of it, it’s yet another song about wanting to be free and quite a different structure to my usual works.
I Saw The Changes (In Your Heart) – another that was recorded duing the ‘Tales From Sunshine Street’ session and this one was inspired by Buddy Holly and also, as odd as it might sound but by the watching of a train change lines as i popped my head out the window, quite a fun track to play this one.
Hey, Hey! Sally Gal – a song for a friend who was feeling low at the time, forget when it was recorded but i’m pretty sure it was recorded either in late 2012 or early 2013. It has a nice upbeat tempo and energy, would be fun to play live.
At The Queen’s For Tea – i wrote this (in my head at least) as i walked around London in March, it’s obviously a fictious story but the track is about equality, i believe i also wrote the song ‘Equality In Action’ from my album ‘Songs Of Freedom’ that day too, was a produtive saunter around the capital.
Give Your Thanks To Life – at the time i recorded this i felt i didn’t do it justise, i think i made 2 recordings of it and i borrow lyrics from it for the songs ‘Hold On (It’s Alright)’ which appeared on ‘One Way Road’ although this song is a different tempo just with a similar message.
Spreading Love – written down in St. Ives when i was handed a flyer by a church group, i wasn’t going to be converted but it made me want to write a song that encourages people of all faiths to come together and spread love rather then fight over who’s god is true.
I’ll Take A Memory – not much to say about this track, i pretty much forgot i wrote it, let alone recorded but i didn’t skip it when i was re-listening to it a few days ago so perhaps you will enjoy it too.
She’s The Only Girl In My Sights – this track was one of the few that i recorded a decent home-demo version of back in 2011 when i began to record my stuff and this version was recorded just over a year ago.
A Song To Sing – a fun song to sing and play, no real message behind it just a song i wrote when trying to write about nothing in a sense, i’ve played it live once at an Open Mic and i think it may well appear again
Rosemary’s Song – another song for a friend, i like to write tracks from my personal perspective and about my own feelings for the most part but it’s nice to write songs for/about people too. This song is about the Celtic Sea and a mutual love of the town of St. Ives and the magic it holds.

You can download the whole collection for just £2 (or more if you wish too). Hope you enjoy the tracks!


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