Freedom Is Being Sung!

Songs Of Freedom

Songs Of Freedom

This week saw the release of my 9th album overall and is a collection of songs based around the theme of freedom, hence the title ‘Songs Of Freedom’. There are 14 tracks in total, some you may have heard before but there are some re-recordings in there, an alternate take and alternate mix alongside 7 brand spanking NEW songs, so i hope you will listen and enjoy!

The latest release could be my last for a while as i am keen to make sure my next work is focused and a little different from my previous ones, while of course staying true to who i am. It has been a very productive 2 years in music for me and i am glad i have had the chance to record and share my songs with you all.

My focus now has to be on playing these songs to the world via open mics, busking and any gig i can get, which to be honest isn’t many as i probably average a gig a month currently but the next few gigs are (or should be):

  • Exeter Picturehouse – 5th of September [Tonight!]
  • Oxjam in Exeter and Torquay – 19th and 20th of October respectvley
  • West Midlands Vegan Festival – 26th of October

So those dates aside i am free to roam the UK and sing my songs to whoever is willing to lend an ear. In fact i am taking myself down to Cornwall for 5 days soon where i will wonder with my guitar and aim to play an open mic or two while searching further for a free way of life.

I recently re-watched some DVDs about John Lennon, George Harrison, Donovan, Dylan and co, each story is different but all left me feeling inspired to now live the life i’ve dreamt of now that i have a musically back catalogue i can be proud of. During my stay in Cornwall i will be reading about Gypsy Dave’s (Donovan’s road-buddy) adventures, so don’t be shocked if i am wandering the world aimlessly with my guitar soon!

Before i end this blog update i should probably point out that my CD ‘Tales From Sunshine Street” is now available to buy, so send me a message if you’d like a copy, it is available via Devon based stores such as Exeter Local Records and Phoenix Sound with The Drift in Totnes also keen to take some.

Anyway that’s another ramble over with, see you down sunshine street, make sure freedom guides you where you need to be!

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