Just another update on musical doings

Hello to you dear reader,

I hope life is treating you well, as i write this it is coming up to 11:30am on Wednesday the 21st of August and i am doing very little indeed (hence this update), i thought i’d just waffle about some recent goings on ‘n’ such.

Since The Last Blog Post
It was 3 weeks ago that i put my album ‘Lemon Road‘ online and the response has been ok so far, i face the same problem with every release and that is bringing it to the attention of people outside my social circle but i guess those are the issues all unsigned/self-funding musicians face in this age because music is so wildly available and very easy to record and release.

So ‘Lemon Road’ will sit proudly on Bandcamp along with all my other releases and i am sure in time it will get a listen or two.

CD Release
In fact since releasing the album mentioned above i have been working on getting another released onto CD, while i was tempted to put the latest album out on CD as it’s my newest collection i have instead gone for the album i released in February of this year ‘Tales From Sunshine Street‘ as it features 18 tracks so people will get their moneys worth from it and it gives a good overall impression of the topics and songs i write.

The CD isn’t quite ready but i hope to have it available by September, it will only be a short run of 50 to start with and i am hopeful that several shops in South Devon will be willing to stock some copies.

What’s Next?
In the near future there will be album number 4 of the year, which will be a collection of songs about freedom, it will contain some re-recordings, alternate takes/mixes alongside some brand new songs and there will be more on that soon.

Yesterday i spent sometime with one of my brothers taking photos for this project so i can confirm the artwork is being worked on but i am mainly focusing on getting ‘Lemon Road’ a bit more exposure along with getting ‘Tale From Sunshine Street’ out into shops in physical form.

There aren’t many gigs in the pipeline aside from my 3rd appearance at the Exeter Picturehouse on Thursday the 5th of September and the possibility of playing both the Torquay and Exeter Oxjam events on the 20th of October, oh and the weekend after i could be playing the West Midlands Vegan Festival again in Wolverhampton.

I kinda understand why i don’t get too many gigs on the whole, aside from not being well known locally in the music scene my stuff isn’t really towing the line in terms of appeal, i’ve noticed that singer/songwriters of this generation use different rhythms and are also musically trained whereas i basically lift from Woody Guthrie, Tim Hardin and Donovan so there are different influences at work.

I have recently made my return to the Acoustic Warehouse Devon which is held on Monday evenings and it’s given me a chance to play songs i don’t usually find time for in my set which is great! It also stops me from getting rusty while also hearing some great folk and blues!

Well that’s another post over with, hope it was bearable, it certainly helped me kill some time and now it’s on with enjoying a lazy sunny day!

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