Lemon Road – Song by Song

Today saw the 12th release in 12 months, it’s safe to say i have a mild addiction to writing and releasing material but as it’s so easy these days with the internet i feel i should make the most of it and just throw music out when i deem it ready! Why sit on songs unless you need too? Anyway on with this latest release…

Lemon Road Artwork

Lemon Road Artwork

The album is called Lemon Road and features 8 songs, the title is inspired by the opening track which i’ll get too in a minute. Like all my releases since June 2012 i used Sound Gallery Studios in Exeter working with engineer Duncan Chave, although this time there was a little difference as my brother was with me to add some Bass to two of the songs of the album.

The Songs

Lemon Soul – A basic rock tempo with a lyric inspired by the before and after of an acupuncture session at Lemon Community Acupuncture Centre on Lemon Road (i’ve written the word Lemon a lot in this post already). Two takes of this song were made and the piano overdub toward the end of the track was recorded with only minutes of the session remaining, cutting things fine!
Falling Horizons – The first of two tracks to feature bass, the lyric is perhaps the most nonsensical on the album as i can’t remember what inspired it but i do like the images it conjures and the song has an almost jazz feel too it, well to me.
Slow It Down – A song about being stuck in a rut essential and the second to feature bass, my brother first heard it in the studio too and after a few takes we got it down! musically the track has pounding beat of Mucky Fingers by Oasis and is lyrically close to John Lennon, well they were my inspirations during the writing and it is a personal lyric too.
Give Me Love – A simple song with the added joy of hand-claps as i lay my soul bare to the world, not much to say about this one as the lyrics pretty much say it all.
Where Is The Peace? – While most the songs on the album deal with personal feelings and the like this song is a little break from that and deals with the message of peace, which is never a bad thing to sing about, this version is the second of two takes that we’re done, the first will turn up on another release all being well, though it is much the same.
Yellow Rose Girl – If you brought the CD version of the album ‘From Nowhere To Here’ you may well have heard this song as it features as a bonus track there but now 1 year to the day the song is out again, naturally it is a new recording and there is also an added verse and the song is a tad slower too. This song is a favourite of mine and it’s nice to put out as a proper album track at last.
She’s Guided By The Stars – The newest written track on the album, it was composed during a holiday in Hayle, Cornwall during the start of the heatwave of the past few weeks. It’s a song about a friend and not a love song as it may seem at first, i feel it has a nice catchy chorus and perhaps one of the most poppy thing i’ve written.
Falling Sunrise – The standard slow album closer, a gentle song about the day ending essentially. The whole song is two chords and has a nice relaxing feel to it with the added organ and overdubbed vocals on the chorus.

The album was recorded over two sessions on the 24th and 26th of July, both five hours long and other material for a later project was also made. All the songs were written between May and early July this year with the only exception being ‘Yellow Rose Girl’ which is a slight reworking of an old track.

The album on the whole is something a little different to my past works, usually i just go in to the studio and record some tracks acoustically and just pick the best, however this time i round i wanted to see what i could add without going overboard. I don’t know any drummers at present so there was only so much production i could do and i feel each song i’ve added too has benefited from what production was done, be it bass, keyboard or vocals. Next time i might be even more adventurous but we shall see.

I do hope you’ll enjoy this album, i had fun making it that’s for sure!

Have a listen on Bandcamp – http://rossmayhew.bandcamp.com/album/lemon-road

Peace out!

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