Winds Of Freedom [NEW Recording – Version Three]

Winds Of Freedom

Winds Of Freedom

During some recent sessions at Sound Gallery Studios i decided to re-record my single ‘Winds Of Freedom’ which was first released in June 2012 and the NEW recording was released last night (Sunday the 28th) via Bandcamp.

Aside from being a single last year the song did also feature on the album Vegan Revolution being done at a faster pace and in a different key but the re-recording is the same key and tempo as the previous single. The reason i decided to re-record it was because not only did i feel that i could do it better justice vocally now but also since late 2012 i have been using different microphones in the studio which give a bit more presence to my recordings and my affection for this track made me want to see how this track would sound with them and in conclusion this NEW version is superior to the old one.

The old version is still available on iTunes (although it should be taken down soon) and on the CD release of my album ‘From Nowhere To Here’ as a bonus track.

I hope you’ll enjoy the NEW recording –

Stayed tuned to Facebook and Twitter for news on more music to follow this re-recording/re-release because there are plenty of musical plans ahead!

Peace out

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