Back At The Fleece!

The Fleece

The Fleece

My latest gig was a return to The Fleece where i played a support set in late April, this time around the set was again around the 30 minute mark but instead of being a support act i was part of the Acoustic All-Dayer which The Fleece hosts once a month (i think).

After a solitary train journey where i nearly feel asleep several times, that will teach me to work on the day of a gig, I got to the venue shortly after 1:30pm (i was due on at 2:30pm). Soon as i got there i handed over unsold tickets as Marissa May was going through her set and once she had finished it was time for Shotgun Whoopi as i stood at the back waiting for the clock to reach 2:30pm.

Having played there before and the crowd being pretty thin i had no nerves when it came time for my set but i’m not one for introducing myself and would rather let the songs have the attention so before i started playing i said to the crowd “right, let’s get this over with”, which got a little chuckle.

My set for the afternoon was; If I Wrote You A Song…, And I Sang, Winds Of Freedom, Unexplained Mystery, Chasing The Sun Around The World, Stop The Blues and Bullets For Peace. The first 5 went fine, well aside from Winds Of Freedom where i swapped some verses around without meaning too but the last two which i only decided to play while on stage were pretty bad, wrong lyrics were sung, i’ll just blame that on fatigue though.

Resting Guitar

Resting Guitar

After my set when i had left the stage and was packing up my guitar, Rachel Bradford took the stage and the performer after her Joe Richardson came up to me and shook my hand and said he enjoyed my set which was very kind of him, not that i reacted as i perhaps should of, in a tired haze i said thank you and just walked off, again tiredness fault i promise, i hope his set went down well!

I did get a thumbs and a ‘well done’ from someone in the audience as i made my way out, so it was a good gig really, i only wish i was more alive to enjoy it and could of hung about to see some more acts, i was keen to watch and meet Sean Heath who i’ve been in touch with via Facebook, like myself plays folk music inspired by Woody Guthrie, which is great!

Anyway i seem to have dragged this tedious blog post update out far enough so i’ll leave it here, stay tuned for more gig reviews and music!

Peace to ya’ll

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