Save Me, My Lord! – The Latest Single

I realised recently that i haven’t posted any updates here since the release of my album ‘One Way Road‘ back at the beginning of June. The album has been pretty well received but due to rate i churn stuff out and the fact i’ve decided against using iTunes means it has perhaps gone unnoticed by a lot of people so far.

Anyway the reason of this post is mainly to do a little ‘catch up’ on what’s been happening, what will happen and a new song that i put online today.

I’ll start with the new track, it is called ‘Save Me, My Lord!‘ and was written in April this year and i thought i’d put it out once my Facebook page had made/surpassed the 100 ‘likes’ mark, after all 100 is quite a milestone for a widely unknown artist like myself.

Save Me, My Lord! Artwork

Save Me, My Lord! Artwork

My songs are mostly positive in theme, singing about veganism, freedom and making the most of the moment, etc but this new song is a call out for help when faced with sadness, loneliness or just feeling stuck in the road. It almost featured on the album ‘One Way Road’ as it was recorded during those sessions but just from my own point of view i couldn’t find a place for it in the running order. Anyway i hope you’ll enjoy it enough to spend 25 pence in downloading it from Bandcamp! 🙂

Infusion Acoustic Cafe

Infusion Acoustic Cafe

Since my last post in June there hasn’t been a lot of gigs played but i have begun volunteering at a local music project run by Young Devon to help get people aged between 14 and 25 into music, my role is basically to assist in sessions and help out wherever i can. There is an Acoustic Cafe night once a month and i had the pleasure of being the first artist to play it. If you’d like to know more about the Infusion Music Project then head to their Facebook page

Anyway that’s it really, i have a gig coming up this Sunday (the 21st of July at 2:30pm) at The Fleece in Bristol so do come along if you can make it, obviously for gig details it’s best to check my Twitter feed or Facebook page out.

There will be NEW music soon! I know i released an album in June and a NEW single today but there is no point sitting on songs once they are recorded and ready to go, so stay tuned!

Peace out!

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