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Good morning,

It is Wednesday the 5th of June and thus 2 whole days since i released my latest album ‘One Way Road’, which you can listen too here – – It’s not had many listens so far but given the lack of a following i have currently that is to be expected.

On Monday after a long walk from Shaldon back to Newton Abbot i finally returned to the Acoustic Warehouse Devon to play some songs and enjoy some others, this is a lovely open mic full of original and traditional music (and of course nice people too).

At the Acoustic Warehouse

At the Acoustic Warehouse

I sang 3 songs, And I Sang from my new album along with Little World and Chasing The Sun Around The World. The last song of the 3 was complimented by a fellow open mic player that night, a women called Anne (i think), who played some lovely stuff herself. I still don’t know how to react when someone tells me they liked a song, of course i am flattered but other than saying ‘Thank you’ my social ineptitude leaves me wondering what to say next.

The night was full of fine playing, particularly a bass player named Peter who was pretty darn good and played alongside most artists that night. It was the first time i met him and he didn’t play with me, my stuff generally wouldn’t be worth bassing too and i also have no idea what key i play in, although i’m sure he’d make something work. It was a pleasure to watch.

The following day i had a walk around Starcross, which is between Newton Abbot and Exeter, a place i have passed countless times but never stopped at, for the most part it was a lovely day, clear sky and bright sun and just a relaxed area. There was one sad moment where i witnessed a crow getting hit by a lorry, the sight and sound is not one i’d like to dwell on but i feel it’s worth mentioning as an example of the fragile nature of life. After that i went to the beach which was so still with the trickle of a river being the only sound i heard, well despite the odd train, a very tranquil day for the most part.

Back to the music, in the coming days i plan to upload as much of my back catalogue as i can on to my new bandcamp page. While i do like seeing my name on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and the like i think i’d rather just release all material in one place from now on, makes life easier for me and hopefully for any fans i may acquire too.

Right best be off to enjoy this fine weather i suppose! I was planning to play an Open Mic in Exeter tonight but that will have to wait till next week as i currently only have £9 to my name, it’s part of the life of a musician!


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