Unexplained Mystery – FREE Single Release

Last night i decided to release a re-recording of the song Unexplained Mystery for FREE. You can download it via SoundCloud – http://www.soundcloud.com/rossmayhewonline/unexplained-mystery

Unexplained Mystery

Unexplained Mystery

I took the decision to release it based on a two factors, number one being that two recordings of the song already exist (on Singing To The Flowers and Nothing Specific) and in hindsight neither version was quite up-to-scratch but it would be wrong to demand money for my error in judgement with prior releases. The second reason was the fact that the 10th of May is Donovan’s birthday (although i got his age wrong when i publicized the release on ¬†Facebook – foolish me!) and his work greatly inspired the song, in fact i remember writing Unexplained Mystery while listen to his 2010 album Ritual Groove, i believe the track The Breath was hugely influential.

The artwork above features a well known wood carving depicting a man who has found where the sky meets the land, this image was also a big inspiration on the song with it stunning visuals that make me wonder on matters such those mentioned in the track. Donovan himself also used this image in his album Cosmic Wheels, his version was done in black outline so his fans could colour it in themselves, which is kinda cool!

Donovan - Cosmic Wheels

Donovan – Cosmic Wheels

As i’m posting i should mention my gig at The Exeter Picturehouse which i played on the 9th of May.¬†The gig itself went well enough, i stumbled briefly on two tracks but think i got away with it, the crowd weren’t quite as receptive as last time but it’s a casual venue so i don’t expect to be the main focus of people’s evenings.

Back at the Picturehouse

Back at the Picturehouse

There was a Canadian singer/songwriter on first called Christina Couture who was a good act, nice guitar playing and style (the finger-picking i have little hope in mastering), sadly some chap with her for whatever reason decided to “whoop!” after almost every song, now of course if he knows her and likes her music he has every right to show this but for me “whooping!” at an intimate acoustic gig/venue isn’t really needed, perhaps he was just over enthusiastic? Anyway she and her annoying entourage (which included some middle-aged women talking loudly about her sex life before the music started) left as soon as her set was over, i assume she/they had some traveling to do as she is on tour, otherwise there was little excuse to leave quite so abruptly at 9:15pm.

After her came a standard hipster doing his hipster thing, nothing against him or his music but it’s just not my thing. After him it was my set, i did 9 songs but applause was scarce, people were just chatting and not really paying attention, some songs got better responses than others though. The band after me were rudely tuning up as i was on, i didn’t know about this until i was on my way home but it made me feel less guilty about having to leave before their set because i wanted to stay but it was 10:30pm or so when i left and i didn’t want to miss the last train home as a 4:30am alarm call for work the next day was set.

Anyway that is it for gigs at the moment, i’ll no doubt have to play some open mics as i pester venues and get more gigs lined up, guess i should also focus on my next project or two, still plenty of music to write, record and release.

Cheers for reading! Peace and love to y’all!

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